The EXCEL Value Proposition to Employers

The deadline for applying for EXCEL XVI is fast approaching and that the board is encouraging last-minute applications for those interested in attending this community and business leadership development program.

For those unfamiliar with the program, EXCEL is a statewide program sponsored by the University of Missouri (MU) Extension Division designed to assist in the development of community leadership skills to help improve community both economically and socially.  More information about Randolph County EXCEL is available at

Area employers are often looking for networking opportunities, expand existing relationships, identify ways to give back to the community as well as seeking low-cost ways to improve the leadership skills of their employees.  Randolph County EXCEL can help.

Participants in the program gain a great deal of knowledge, ideas and new connections within the community during their time in the class and many go on to take on leadership roles in the community that can have a profound positive impact on a business.    Employee absence from work to participate in the program is very often time well spent that can help improve your business operation.

The board encourages you to participate this year.  If you can’t, please consider sending one of your employees or co-workers through the EXCEL class that begins at the end of this September.

Applications are due September 1st for the class that begins September 24th.

The link to sign up is: